I used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered to me, but now I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.

Bob Goff

This quote rattled around and around in my head.  It taunted me as it represented one of my innermost fears.  What if I tried something I cared deeply about and failed?  If I went all-in and swung for the fences and invested my time, money and energy and it all fell flat?  What if I tried to do what I believe I was born to do and everybody laughed at me?  What if I wasn’t good enough?

Then I realized I stopped before the comma.  I only marinated on the first half of the quote but the second half is where freedom lives.  Success in the temporal will give you pleasure but it will fade quicker than you can scroll down on Instagram.  It gives a self-esteem building shot of dopamine but this kind of digital ‘love’ is fleeting.  I’ve found that posi vibes fade quickly, but diving headlong in to something you believe in can last a lifetime.

I have recently returned from Mozambique on a fact finding mission for the United Methodist church.  They hoped to gather data about how churches in the states can have lasting impact on the lives and hearts of those in MOZ.  They hoped to uncover new ways to give that generate replicating income and they hoped to see, with their own eyes, how people on the other side of the planet live.  All of these were accomplished and I was fortunate enough to document the trip via still and moving images.

What we found (which is what I always seem to find in my travels) was beauty, hospitality, love, and acceptance.  I could type all day long but that isn’t what the Lightwriters are about so I will just leave you with these images, captured amongst my new friends.