What the what? Los Angeles California with my beautiful wife, all the weirdness of Hollywood blvd, the Holy Spirit and Cress Williams.

At this point details aren’t important.

Okay, perhaps some details then?

Leah and I got to head to a sunny city to a conference where we learned much about church planting.  We also did some exploring and AirBnBing.  Here’s a quick list of awesome stuff we saw/did.

  • Attended Mosaic (one of the most creative churches in the world)
  • Got ink
  • Sat on a beach with real life David Hasselhoff wannabes.
  • Held hands a lot
  • Found a Seahawks bar on Hollywood Blvd.

This is Erwin McManus, the pastor at Mosaic, and he is what it would look like if you squeezed creativity into a fifty gallon toothpaste container and then squeezed that toothpaste from the fifty-gallon toothpaste container in to a follower of Jesus.

I’ll go ahead and let you marinate on that one a bit.

Let’s just say the dude is legit.

Check out this amazing video he made

And this compelling book he wrote (I don’t actually know if it’s compelling because I haven’t read it yet but Christmas is coming up soon and I hope my mom reads this blog)

Yeah, I want the book.

Looking back I wish I would have taken more pictures on this trip.  Wait, no I don’t, I was drinking in the moments.

Sometimes your real life is better than your imagination.  These few days were that kind of life. P.S. Don’t forget to honk for Metallica.