twitter-iconFreshink; an ad agency, co-working facility and retail photography business located in scenic downtown Panama City Florida.  It was a bootstrapped company built from the ground up by two young entrepreneurs. It eventually filled two thousand square feet of retail space and helped market the Downtown Improvement Projects for the city.

tumblr_kw9o6jL16L1qaap5jo1_4003451266398_3d9f118c7d_mFreshink was founded by Dustin Bryson and Chris Merriam in 2006.  Chris was a graphic designer who had recently left Lands End and Bryson was a photographer/youth pastor trying to find studio space.  Chris owned an art gallery (The Gallery Above) that had a fantastic foyer that would be perfect for my work. Dustin approached Chris with the idea and our little ad/creative/photography/design business was born.  They continued to host monthly art shows featuring artists from around the country but the creative work paid the bills.

The first space (above an ice cream shop) doubled as Chris’ two bedroom apartment and was the location of the first Panama City International Film Festival, founded and run by FRSHNK.

Every year the co-founders took goofy pictures dubbed “Founders Portraits” that were framed and hung above each employees desk.

FRSHNK’s  second location was an amazing second floor walk up that originally house the first JC Penny’s in the Panhandle complete with non-Picture_8_400x400working freight elevator.  They built some innovative three quarter cubes to work out of and used the rest of the two thousand square feet for their first official photo studio, Injoy.

Merriam and Bryson began building the photography brand which eventually would become part of the FRSHNK family as FRSHNK PHOTO with many talented photographers gracing the studio.