This is a list of 100 things to do before I turn 100.

  1. Marry my dream girl
  2. Have a son
  3. Have a daughter
  4. Lead someone to Christ
  5. Plant a church
  6. Start a company
  7. Go to a U2 concert
  8. Travel to Africa
  9. Shoot a documentary
  10. Invent something
  11. Run a half marathon
  12. Walk my daughter down the aisle
  13. Swim at Atlantis
  14. Own a Jeep Grand Wagoneer
  15. Buy a vintage trailer
  16. High five Bob Goff
  17. Coach my kids sports team
  18. Give away 50% of one years income
  19. Become a foster parent
  20. Travel via airplane with only what I have in my pockets
  21. Start a podcast
  22. Make our home the community hang out spot
  23. Have dinner with everyone on my block
  24. Finish college
  25. Take Micah to a Sounders game
  26. Take Leah to Paris
  27. Take Leah to NYC
  28. Buy Leah the wedding set she’s aways wanted
  29. Get a tattoo from Whispering Danny
  30. Surf
  31. Skydive
  32. Rock climb
  33. Fire a pistol
  34. Sponsor under served kids in a third world country
  35. Start a non profit
  36. Shoot a celebrities wedding
  37. Attend a World Cup match
  38. Live on a farm
  39. Write my memoirs (for my children)
  40. Buy (and wear) a suit
  41. Purchase 100% fair trade clothing
  42. Start a coffee roasting business
  43. Take my family to Ethiopia
  44. Bowl over 200
  45. Score under 100 in golf
  46. Forgive my father
  47. Send my kids to college
  48. Fly a plane
  49. Go viral
  50. Write a book
  51. Build a table
  52. Buy and use a flip phone for a month
  53. Stage dive
  54. Take a punch
  55. Be on a game show
  56. Make Jimmy Fallon break
  57. Live in NYC
  58. See Hawaii
  59. Climb Mt. Rainer
  60. Watch the Seahawks win, live
  61. Have an image published by National Geographic
  62. Walk a red carpet
  63. Hang a gallery show
  64. Grow a gnarly beard
  65. Sleep overnight in a hammock
  66. Travel + Camp in VW Bus
  67. Pastor a church
  68. Build a deck
  69. Sew something I can actually wear
  70. Write to my future kids
  71. Meet Michael Jordan
  72. Surf in Fiji
  73. Fast
  74. Spend a silent weekend at a monastery
  75. Fly in a chopper
  76. Photograph/Film something dangerous
  77. Drink a pint of Guinness in Ireland
  78. Read 12 books in one year
  79. Have my beard shaped at a barber shop
  80. Ride for a cause
  81. Get an image on VSCO honor grid
  82. Be in the audience for a taping of SNL
  83. Photograph Needtobreathe
  84. Surf with a Hobgood
  85. Give away a car
  86. Paint a landscape
  87. Ride a Harley
  88. Learn to make the perfect burger on a BBQ
  89. Walk where Jesus walked
  90. Don’t screw up my kids
  91. Get a hole in one
  92. Slam dunk a basketball
  93. Ride an elephant
  94. Love a dog
  95. Arrest a perp
  96. Sell a prized possession for a good cause
  97. Lose 40lbs
  98. Live in the same city as my best friend
  99. Conquer my fears
  100. Hear “Well done my good and faithful servant”